NRL Magic Round 2024

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We cannot wait to host you and your guests at this year’s NRL Magic Round. We will again be running the ‘Sit in it to win it’ competition – for details on how to win the Magic Door Prize each day, click here.

To see more details on the match schedule for each day along with other information, click on links:

With regards to Guest Passes, please see below for updated availability:

  • NRL Magic Round – Day 1 | SOLD OUT
  • NRL Magic Round – Day 2 | SOLD OUT
  • NRL Magic Round – Day 3 | EXTREMELY LIMITED

All day dining will be available in the Members Restaurant, please find below the kitchen times below:

  • NRL Magic Round – Day 1 | Dining from 4:30pm until 8:00pm
  • NRL Magic Round – Day 2 | Dining from 12:30pm until 7:45pm
  • NRL Magic Round – Day 3 | Dining from 12:30pm until 7:15pm

As always, our team will be located at the Concierge Desk inside Gate C, the dedicated entry for Stadium Members should you require any assistance. Please find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions about NRL Magic Round we have collated for the event:


Will my Member Cards (lanyards) give me access to all days of the NRL Magic Round?

Absolutely, NRL Magic Round is a Member included event. The only caveat to this would be if you have accessed digital tickets for this event or relocated seats during the Guest Pass purchase process – both of these scenarios will cancel your Member Card barcodes.

My Member seats are in the sun, can I move to the shade?

Stadium Members seats are only located in the Eastern Grandstand, no other options are available – as a sell-out event we also do not have any spare inventory to assist in relocation.

We ask Members to take necessary steps to protect themselves from the sun, we recommend wearing long sleeves, hats or caps and applying sunscreen – further heat and sun safety information can be found here on the Queensland Government website.

Can I book a table in the Members Restaurant all day?

No, booking times (1 hour) will remain as per the Members Restaurant terms. As a sell-out event we have almost every Member attending at some point over the 3 days of NRL Magic Round and need to accommodate as many Members as possible.

Am I able to purchase Guest Passes for just 1 of the 3 matches on a day of Magic Round?

No, Guest Passes are for one entire day – there are no discounted options for Members only wanting to purchase for a single match.

Why can’t I use my Dolphins or Broncos Complimentary Guest Pass Tokens for the days they are playing?

Tokens can only be used at regular season matches at Suncorp Stadium, this is specifically called out on our Guest Pass Information & Walkthrough page within the Members Handbook. The NRL Magic Round, while featuring our regular home teams is a separate Event.

Can I give digital tickets to different people for different games on the same day?

Each ticket is for the entire day, the matches within that day are unable to be split. Once a Digital Ticket barcode is used, it will not allow a second entry into the Stadium. Member Cards that have been deactivated for the event due to digital ticketing being accessed will also not scan in.

We understand that some businesses may host multiple Guests across a single day. If this is your plan, we ask that you follow the below instructions:

  • A host or ‘Ticket Master’ meets guests outside Gate C and ushers them in scanning each ticket
  • If/when a group or individuals leave, their tickets must be scanned at a PASS OUT turnstile as they leave, this reactivates the ticket for use again.
  • The host again meets the next set of guests outside and ushers them in using the reactivated tickets

PLEASE NOTE, this is the host and Members responsibility – our team will be at Gate C to assist, so please ask if you are unsure. Should a guest present with a ticket that is scanning as already in or cancelled our team may not be able to assist.

Do I have to leave the Stadium after each game?

No, your ticket is valid for the entire day.

I’m going to Day 1 (2 or 3) of Magic Round. Why have I only received one ticket but there are several games on that day?

As above, your single Magic Round day tickets includes all of the matches held on that day.

Why do the beers change for the NRL Magic Round (and State of Origin)?

One of the unique features of Suncorp Stadium is the ability for Event Owners to have commercial arrangements in place to pour their sponsors product. This arrangement assists Suncorp Stadium in procuring premium events such as Magic Round for the benefit of all Members.

We appreciate Members have specific opinions and tastes when it comes to beer and the venue works with the Event Owner and Caterer in an attempt to get similar replacements, this however is not always possible.