State of Origin III 2024

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For Major & Special Events like State of Origin, the Members Restaurant is closed and a pre-match dining package for Members and their guests is delivered. This is so we can have the ability to cater for as many Members as possible on this huge night of Rugby League.

The dining package includes:

  • 3-course meal (entrée, main, dessert)
  • 2-hour pre-match beer, wine and soft drinks package (1*)
  • Roving entertainment and State of Origin Legends
  • Prizes and lucky number draw

Gates open at 5:30pm, with the Dining Function running from 5:45pm until 7:45pm and Kick Off scheduled for 8:05pm.

Dining Package Add On – EXTREMELY LIMITED

For Members adding the dining function to their current Member seats already held – this option cannot be used for general public tickets.

Guest Pass & Dining Package – SOLD OUT for 2024

For Members purchasing additional Guest Passes that also include the Dining Function – Please note seating in the stadium will NOT be adjacent to your normal Members seats, relocation is not possible for this event, however all Dining Package guests will be seated together in the pre match function (2**)


Guest Pass – SOLD OUT for 2024

For Members purchasing additional tickets only – Please note seating in the grandstand will NOT be adjacent to your normal Members seats. Relocation is not possible for this event.


From 10am on Monday 15 April – login to the Members Portal, selecting the Digital Tickets tab, then Mens State of Origin – QLD v NSW in the Upcoming Event drop down, and finally clicking on Access Guest Passes. You can find a walkthrough of the purchase process on our Members Handbook by clicking here.

Three options will appear as per the below example including the Dining Package Add On.


Please note the State of Origin event Guest Pass limitations are set – Members are limited to purchasing a total of 2 Guest Passes per 2024 Membership Seat held (regardless of whether a Dining Package is included with the Guest Pass or not).

Guest Pass Seats will only be available in Sections 319, 324, 517, 518 & 526.

All purchases are final and non-refundable except where required under Australian Consumer Law.

For the Dining Function Add On, Platinum Members will have 1st priority, followed by Gold and then Silver.

While the seating allocation for State of Origin Guest Passes and Dining is only available to Stadium Members, that inventory is not unlimited, we ask Members to act as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment.

  1. * Spirits are not included in 2 Hour Beverage package, however, are available for purchase.
  2. ** Example – you hold 4 Membership seats and book 4 x Dining Package Add Ons plus 6 x Guest Pass & Dining Packages – all 10 total guests will be seated together on one table in the Members Dining Function, however the 6 x Guest Pass & Dining Package guests seats in the grandstand will be separate to your Members seats.


I purchased one of the Member State of Origin options above, can I cancel?

Please note that Guest Pass, Guest Pass & Dining Package or Dining Package Add On purchases via invoice or credit card are final and non-refundable except where required under Australian Consumer Law.

Why are there no Guest Pass seats available close to my Members seats?

Like your Members seats which are allocated to the same seat for 2024 Member events, other Members also own the seats around you. In most sections, allocations are at capacity and therefore only certain areas are available for Guest Pass purchases. Due to the sell-out nature of the State of Origin event, and the requirement to use every single seat in the venue, relocation is not offered for the State of Origin event.

Can you explain the Guest Pass limitations for State of Origin in a bit more depth please?

To give as many Members as possible the opportunity to buy additional tickets in Members seat and due to the limited nature of availability we set a limit based on seats held per year. Members are limited to purchasing a total of 2 Guest Passes per 2024 Membership Seat held, this includes whether a Dining Package is included with the Guest Pass purchase or not.

For example, if you hold 2 Membership seats in 2024, this entitles you to purchase 4 Guest Passes – this could be a combination of 2 Guest Pass tickets, and 2 Guest Pass & Dining Package tickets, the total however cannot exceed 4.

A second example would be, if you hold 2 Membership seats in 2024, which entitles you to access 4 Guest Passes, you then purchase 4 Guest Pass & Dining Package tickets, you could however also purchase 2 Dining Package Add On’s – this would give you a total of 6 seats together at the pre-match dining function. After the function, the 2 people would move to your regular 2 Membership seats and the other 4 people utlising the Guest Pass & Dining Package seats would move to their allocated grandstand seating which will be separate.

What if we arrive late to the pre match dining function?

The function times are set, as are the course timings – should you or your guests arrive late, please be aware you may miss a meal course. We encourage all attendees to arrive early to avoid transport delays.

I purchased both Guest Pass & Dining Packages and Dining Package Add Ons – will all my guests be seated at the same table in the function?

Yes, while grandstand seating is limited and relocation is not available, we do allocate the same tables in the function so all your guests can enjoy the pre-match build up and hospitality together.


What is the function menu for the Dining Package?

We do not release an exact menu for the 3-course meal. However, in the lead up to the event we will reach out to Members for any dietary requirements.

Why can’t I see the ‘Dining Package Add On’ that was purchased in the Members Portal Digital Tickets section?

You will receive an email with your invoice confirming the purchase of your Dining Package Add On for the current Member seats you hold. Our team will also reach out via email in the coming months requesting information on dietary requirements etc. along with details on how Function entry will work on the night for you and your guests.

Why are the Guest Pass or Guest Pass & Dining Package tickets that I purchased showing up in the Digital Ticket sections with a loading icon?

If you purchased via Credit Card, this loading symbol will change within 5 minutes of your purchase, please refresh the page. If however, you purchased via an invoice and have made payment recently using one of the methods described on the invoice, this symbol may take up to 3 working days to change. We ask that payment is made in a timely manner to avoid access issues to ticketing.

Will my Member Card (Lanyard) work for entry for State of Origin?

Yes, your Member Card (Lanyard) will be active, unless you transfer digital tickets through the Member Portal. Please be reminded that by doing this, your Member Cards are deactivated for that match. We cannot allow two bar codes to be active for any event, this is for the protection of Members.

I haven’t booked in the pre-match dining package, what other food and beverage options are there?

On Level 5, the retail food outlet between aisles 523 and 524 will be open, we will also have other food cart options in the south area of the concourse around aisle 517 for Members to access. For beverage, bars 519, 520 and 522 will all be accessible. Please note that no additional seating will be available in the Emerald Lounge or along the concourse, so takeaway food and drinks will need to be consumed at your seats in the Grandstand. On Level 3, Member Bars 320 and 322 will be open and available for Members to access including some limited seating.

Please note however, that the Emerald Lounge seating will re-open for all Members to access for half time and post-match. No food options above and beyond those mentioned above will be available.

Friends of mine have tickets in a general public section, can they attend the pre-match Members Dining Function?

No they cannot. The pre-match Dining Function is restricted to Members who purchase the Add On Package for their current 2024 seats or who have purchased additional tickets via the Guest Pass & Dining Package option.

Are minors allowed to attend the Members Dining Function?

Yes, under 18 guests may attend – however please note that no change in pricing is offered, at a later date when our team contacts Members who have booked, you will be able to order a child friendly meal or pass on dietary requirements for us to consider.

Patrons under the age of 12 must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times. The venue reserve the right to refuse entry to, or to remove from, the Stadium or to refer to the police any Patron under the age of 12 who are without adult supervision.