2024 Renewal
Payment Plan Information

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Renewing Members will again have access to a payment plan option for 2024. The below information outlines the Membership Fee instalments and scenarios.

Please note, Payment Plans (Auto Rewew or Manual) are only available to Members who have a Stored CC (Credit Card) securely saved in the Members Portal.

Auto Renew Payment Plan

For current Members with Auto Renew set ON who paid by Payment Plan in 2023, this will be the default option initiated by our Membership system for renewal.

Key dates:

  • Renewal Invoice – Tuesday 12 September 2023
  • Instalment 1 – Friday 15 September 2023
  • Instalment 2 – Sunday 15 October 2023
  • Instalment 3 – Wednesday 15 November 2023
  • Instalment 4 – Friday 15 December 2023
  • Instalment 5 – Monday 15 January 2024
  • Instalment 6 – Thursday 15 February 2024


Several email reminders will be sent prior to the Renewal Invoice date above, we will also send payment reminders and an invoice prior to each instalment.

Members who have Auto Renew set ON can opt out at any time prior to Tuesday 12 September 2023 by any of the following steps


Manual Renewal Payment Plan

Should a Member chose to renew manually before the Renewal Deadline on Friday 13 October 2023 but after Tuesday 12 September 2023 please note that only 5 split instalment payments will be available as Instalment 1 was missed.


Please note that the ‘Early Bird Discount’ pricing is not offered to Platinum & Gold Members renewing on an Auto Renew or Manual payment plan.

By making payment you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the 2024 Stadium Membership Terms & Conditions (specific information about Membership Financial Commitments are outlined in Section 2).